For children who are English native, or non-English natives who have missed the opportunity to study the language in the past and/or are capable of learning new concepts at a quick pace, we offer an advanced class to help guide their learning of the English language.

Through easily absorbable lessons, we gift the students with the tools necessary to flourish. We promote constant progression with clearly defined goals introduced throughout the school year.

Each session incorporates: 

Circle time - Music and movement, language development, vocabulary building, speaking and listening, literacy games etc.

Textbook work* - Working with the textbook, the class will go through each concept and grammatical point as a group, working individually and in pairs.

Language arts - Re-enforcing concepts from the textbook through mediums such as arts and crafts/science/cooking etc. 

Group reading - Investigating language and learning words with comprehension exercises.

Weekly diaries - Each student is asked to keep a visual and written diary to show to the class. From simple to more complex sentences, each child’s diary is based on their language abilities.

Dictionaries - Every student is responsible for updating their dictionary at the end of each session. They are encouraged to draw pictures or to write each word in another language to help them remember it.

Show & Tell - Re-enforcing vocabulary and confidence-building by talking about an item they have chosen to bring to school.

*Students are asked to purchase a textbook and workbook (purchased through the school)

Details are as follows:

Time: 15:30pm - 18:00pm

When: Every Wednesday & Friday

Age: 6 - 11-year-olds

Class size: 10 max





サークルタイム - 音楽と振り付け、言語発達、単語力の構築、スピーキングとリスニング、読み書きのゲームなど。

テキストを使ったレッスン* - テキストを用いて、コンセプトや文法について個人、グループ、ペアでワークを行います。

ランゲージアート - テキストで触れた内容の理解を深めるために、図画工作/科学実験/クッキングなどを行います。

グループリーディング - 言語を調査し、単語を学んで読解力を鍛えます。

週日記 - 絵と文章で日記を書き、クラスで発表してもらいます。簡単な文章から複雑なものまで、それぞれの生徒のレベルに合わせて行います。

辞書 - 各レッスンの終わりに、自分の辞書を更新していきます。英単語を理解するために、絵を描いたり、日本語の意味を書いたりして、覚えるのに役立てます。

紹介タイム - 使える単語数を増やし、みんなの前で話す自信をつけるため、自分の持ち物をスクールに持ってきて、友達に紹介します。



時間:15:30 - 18:00



1クラスの定員: 10名まで


Pricing is available in single-day or multi-day configurations, one to five days per week, billing monthly. Visit us for more information. or click on the Pricing Link on the right to view our price-lists.

Additional Fees

Additional fees apply for New Enrollments and a monthly Materials fee is applied based on time in the school.