Classes offered at Creative-English Nihonbashi.

Advanced Class

WHEN: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays - 15:30 - 18:00

Our ever popular Advanced class gives students the chance to join in the fun as we learn from the bestselling British ESL syllabus. This is the next step in students education once they reach the age of 6+.

Advanced Reading Club

WHEN: Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays - 18:00 - 18:30

Our brand new Advanced Reading Club lets students learn pronunciation, reading and comprehension through to learning grammatical points and punctuation points through written text.

Eiken Preparation

WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays - 17:30 - 18:30

Eiken is a worldwide English exam which provides a qualification in your English abilities based on listening, reading, writing and speaking. It allows you to study in English-speaking countries (colleges and universities) and gives potential employers a globally recognised qualification.

Reading Club

WHEN: Monday to Friday 17:00 - 17:30

Let our specialist reading teacher give your child the tools needed to grow in the next step of their academic studies.

Children aged 4+ are invited to share the exploratory journey of Kipper and his friends as they live out their lives right in front of your eyes!

Each week highlights a new concept with new vocabulary and grammar points which eases the students into reading.

As their confidence grows, the books become more challenging and flashcards and sight words are needed.

Each class has homework to reinforce the concepts and ensure we all develop and grow throughout the course.

After School Club

WHEN : Monday to Friday 14:30 - 17:00

We offer a structured, creative and imaginative programme that will help each child to gain confidence in the English language and to achieve academic excellence.

We offer exciting classes aimed at students between the ages 3-8 years old.

Whether your child is English native, new to the language, or has basic English skills, our afternoon schedule will provide them with stimulating classes to build confidence through verbal, written and visual strategies.

Our after-school programme combines a variety of learning concepts including:

• Circle time based on music and movement and focusing on pronunciation, repetition, listening skills and language development.

• Worksheet-based lesson that introduces a language concept (grammar, phonetics, descriptive text, speaking, reading etc). Each concept will follow the ESL curriculum.

• An artistic and expressive class to reinforce the previously learnt concept - through art, cooking, science, games etc.

Express yourself

WHEN: Contact us for class schedule.

In order to develop as readers and writers, children need to feel valued first as a speaker and user of language.

We aim to break down the language barrier and to promote LOUD voices!

Focusing on encouraging speech and expression we provide interactive, stimulating and challenging content with a big emphasis on having FUN

Story Time

WHEN : Monday to Friday  13:30 - 14:40

A daily opportunity to enjoy the magical world of books!

Open to all ages.

Science Class

WHEN: Contact us for class schedule.

Our fully interactive science program is sure to spark each child`s imagination!

Fun and inspiring classes that offer engaging science curriculum led by our team of dedicated teachers.

We aim to improve critical thinking and creative design to explore the world and beyond.

Using unique demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions this is a truly spectacular way to learn English!

Cooking Class

WHEN: Contact us for class schedule

Our cooking experience takes your tastebuds on a journey through phonics with delicious new cuisines created specifically for learning!

Each class boasts brand new recipes, challenges and culinary skills a budding chef would crave.

Come taste the adventure!

Summer School 2015

WHEN: 21-July to 31st August

Our Summer program still have some select spots available . Talk to us for further details.