Creative-English International Schoolはふじみ野に教室を持ち、18ヵ月以上の子どもを対象にプリスクール、アフタースクール、サタデースクールで英語教育を提供しています。早期幼児教育は今後のあらゆる分野での学習の基礎作りとなり、幼児のうちから読む、書く、話す、聞く、フォニックスの全ての分野を、英語を母国語とする先生から習うことは極めて重要だと考えています。年間を通したカリキュラムを用いて、学期、年度毎のお得な料金もご用意しています。


Located in Fujimino Creative English International School is a private English-language school that provides Preschool, After-School and Saturday School (full-day or half-day) for children from 18 months and up. 

Because a child's early age education establishes the building blocks for all future learning, we believe that introducing children to all areas of english (READING WRITING SPEAKING LISTENING & PHONICS), instructed by native speakers is critical. We plan and execute a full year curriculum and offer competitive pricing structures for Month Term and Full year education.

From this year we are pleased to introduce a new service which helps young children transition from infancy to preschool. From now on Fujimino will provide an additional preschool program with the aim of acclimatising youngsters to being in a learning environment away from home. Children will start with 1-2 sessions a week moving onto 4-5 sessions over a 6 month time period, learning English as well as classroom rules and lesson transition.

A sample of our classes






Creative-English International School is a private English School that provides full day care and Afterschool for 15-20 children from 18 months onwards. The School is designed to provide a warm and family orientated learning environment promoting child development in a fun and educational manner, helping to prepare children for their further schooling years.

Using qualified English teachers, we plan multiple blocks of fun creative lessons around free play time and meal/sleep breaks. Weekly and monthly we create fun themes that guides the various activities we do. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of the English language that can be used as building block for further education, we don't just cover speaking and listening, we cover reading and writing also! 

We are different! We are not a daycare, we are not an Eikaiwa, this is fun curriculum based learning, with goals. Children have access to the free play room, classroom & sleep room, they will also enjoy a selection of playground trips and excursions.

Check out some of our specialist classes and activities below, and feel free to call or mail us anytime!

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